North Las Vegas Police Department

The heroes can no longer speak
For Destiny has claimed them.

Those of us remaining
Mere mortal souls,

Dedicated this memorial
In their memory.

For those in the future
To forever remember.

By Frank Adams

They don the badge. They take the oath.
They venture out where others won’t. To protect us all is what they want.
It’s who they are.

It’s why they breathe. It’s what they hear.
It’s all they see. It’s how they’re born
It’s who they are. 

When danger comes, they don’t run. Head on, they face the evil ones.
Between them and us, they stand their ground. They’re the thin blue line that’s all around.
It’s who they are.

They’re our voice. It’s their choice.
Their goal doesn’t fade. It’s how they’re made.
It’s who they are.

If not for them, Where would we turn?
They full fill the need. When will we learn?
It’s who they are.

And if time comes, they must give their all. Thoughts of family they will recall.
But the ones who wear the badge stall tall, for they know it’s their call.
It’s who they are.

They donned the badge. They took the oath.
They paid the price. For we all must know,
It’s who they are.

Trooper Richard Axel James (retired)

Call me a “cop”, the “fuzz”, or the “heat”,
call me whatever you will,
but call me when there is work to be done,
and I’ll do it with courage and skill.

Call me a “pig”, a “bull”, or “the man”,
call me whatever you may.
Call me when you’re facing danger, my friend,
and I’ll be headed your way.

Call me and threaten my wife and kids;
I’ll take it all in stride.
Spit on my clothing and pelt me with rocks;
I’ll still serve with honor and pride.

Call me if your child is lost
or a child you’ve caught using dope.
Call me to rescue your lot from a pool.
Stand by me with prayer and a hope.

Call me if burglars break into your home;
I’ll face their guns or knives.
Call me when drag-racing autos collide;
My training might save some lives.

Call me whenever your problems arise,
no matter what hour of the day,
and I’ll show you there’s more to being a cop
than the uniform, badge and the pay.

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